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Our Stress Management Solutions

Less stress at home

Stress management strategy sessions for managing the work life juggle. Private virtual sessions and on-line courses that include real time face- to- face sessions make learning how to be better at stress accessible no matter where you are.

Less stress at work

Remote ‘mental health checks’, small group programs, webinars, mindfulness meditation and ‘move and relax’ sessions enable teams to develop and maintain psychological resilience in a changing and challenging world.

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Reset for more flow and less stress


This private stress management program includes five face to face sessions that will help you demystify mindfulness and meditation and develop stress management techniques for life.

Why Lilo?

Lilo partners with you to put the brakes on stress using science-backed, practical strategies. At a time when stress levels are through the roof, the value of learning skills for stress management can’t be overstated.

The process is simple. You will be supported to identify and take the exact steps you need to take to get on top of the juggle and develop habits that help keep stress levels in check.

Learning how to be more present is the backbone of everything we do because a huge and growing body of research backs how powerful it is for rising to challenges in the toughest of times.


Creativity in all its forms can be therapy. It can bring connection, purpose, reduce stress and allow us to achieve a state of flow. And it can change the world for the better. But many of us don’t see ourselves as creative or give ourselves permission to spend time on cre...

How we ‘deal’ when the heat is on is always important and even more so right now. For example, in my situation, I can fret about less paid work coming my way during this pandemic or I can see this as an incredible opportunity to offer people complimentary sessions for de...

While I’m a big advocate of self-care, there are a few problems with this idea. In a nutshell, it can be too easy to judge those who are struggling as not looking after themselves. We are in danger of blaming others for being strung out and for not ‘having their sh*t tog...

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Questions? We'd love to chat.

Questions? We'd love to chat.



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