About Susie

Susie Hopkins is an ADHD Coach who combines her lived experience of having overcome decades of having mental health problems and undiagnosed ADHD for most of her life with 30+ years of experience in healthcare and research.


She’s passionate about translating complex research into practical, impactful tools and strategies for more joy and ease. And making it enjoyable and easy!


Susie’s career and education span more than three decades as a Registered Nurse, a Master’s of Public Health, an ADHD Professional Certification, three years working as a health coach in the corporate sector and she is also an experienced mindfulness and yoga teacher.


Susie is passionate about


A commitment to positively influencing the wellbeing of people impacted by ADHD and related conditions and their families.


Building the capacity of people with ADHD to live in their strengths as well as reduce their challenges so their gifts can be shared with the world. 


Extensive knowledge as well as work and lived experience of ADHD and related conditions, mental health and wellbeing.


When we care deeply for ourselves we have what it takes to care for one another creating more joy in our local and global communities.

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