The Ultimate ADHD Reboot

A group of women* with ADHD who refuse to be held back

Group learning for women* who refuse to be held back

Being a woman* with ADHD can be seriously hard work.


Together, we can make it much easier and more enjoyable.


For health reasons, Cohort #2 has been postponed for a short time.



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Kicks off on Thursday the 9th of November

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Are you ready to finally get your mojo on?

To design a life that plays to your strengths and stop settling for just getting by?


If you’re looking for a supportive community of women* who get it – that having ADHD is seriously hard and frustrating but also makes us who we are in all our magnificent technicolour glory…


You’re in the right place!

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Susie Hopkins brings together her lived experience of ADHD and overcoming decades of anxiety and depression with 30+ years of an ADHD AF convoluted career spanning nursing, research, public health and a tonne of ADHD coaching, to create a learning experience like no other.


She’s designed The Ultimate ADHD Reboot with the sole purpose of making your life easier and more enjoyable.

And you can take the first step towards this right now!

What is The Ultimate ADHD Reboot?

The Ultimate ADHD Reboot is a 6-week group learning experience that combines the evidence-based info, carefully designed activities that bring about real change and an amazing, validating community.

 Six online get togethers where you’ll do countless practical activities to set you up for successfully creating a life designed to play to your strengths.
Just the right amount of seriously engaging info you’ll be walked though on the calls, and that you can pick and choose from depending on your challenges.
Support between calls from Susie and the other amazing women who are in your Reboot Cohort as you share your learnings and overcome challenges.
Optional one-on-one coaching sessions with Susie at a fraction of the usual rate to ensure the shifts you make stick and compliment the Reboot process.

What exactly is involved?

Every week for 6 weeks...

You’ll explore the super easy to navigate content. FYI to reduce overwhelm, you’re not expected to look at the content until after you’re shown what’s what on the weekly Zoom calls.

Between calls, you’ll share your biggest revelations and learn from Susie and the other fabulous women you’re going to hang out with for six weeks.

ADHD Coaching One on One

Each Thursday at 7.30pm AEST you’ll get together with Susie and co on Zoom to do activities and be walked through the content for the following week.

What others say*

Transformational Activities


“I LOVE THEM!!! So far they have all been super useful and I want to recommend them to every person with ADHD that I know! Truely transformational.!”

The Reboot Experience


“It’s all so ADHD-friendly. The layout is simple yet it’s gorgeous to look at, it’s easy to find things, uncluttered. Perfect, keep doing what you’re doing!”

Connection and Learning


“I can’t believe how much I’ve learned that has been so helpful, and it felt so easy! And the best bit, connecting with others who get it is so good for the soul!”

Is Reboot for you?

The answer is a resounding YES if you:

Refuse to be held back by ADHD and therefore want to understanding the science to help you manage ADHD.

Are determined to put in place ADHD-friendly, effective ways to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Don’t see ADHD as a superpower but are keen to enjoy the many silver linings of ADHD.


Crave being be seen and heard in a way that only others with lived experience of being a woman with ADHD can provide.


Want to develop bone-deep, rock solid self-worth – because you are absolutely as worthy as anyone of all the good stuff!

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Payment Options

    FYI by going on the waitlist, you’ll receive useful info and Lilo Wellness news.


    Your FAQs Answered

    I get it. Which is why Reboot has been designed to be seriously impactful while also super succinct. And in the longer-term, both overwhelm and time management will be less of a challenge!


    Each week for six weeks…

    You’ll explore the super easy to navigate content. FYI you’re not expected to look at the content until after you’ve been shown what’s what on the weekly Zoom calls.

    20-30 mins

    Between calls, you’ll share your biggest revelations and learn from Susie and the other fabulous women you’re going to hang out with for six weeks.

    20-30 mins

    Each Thursday at 8 pm AEST you’ll get together with Susie and co. on Zoom to do activities and be walked through the content for the following week.

    90 mins

    The Ultimate ADHD Reboot is a six-week group learning experience for women who are determined not to be held back. It includes the following components.

    The first five women who koin Cohort Two will also receive two private ADHD Coaching calls with Susie.

    1. A weekly 1.5 hour on-line get-together

    Each week, you’ll come along to a super chilled group call on Zoom.

    2. Lots of powerful experiences

    We learn by having experiences. That’s why on these calls, together, we’ll do some carefully designed activities that will shift both your mental and physical habits which will make life easier and more enjoyable!

    3. Impactful content

    The content videos are JAMMED full of bite-sized, engaging, super useful evidence-based nuggets of info – where evidence exists. There are plenty of holes in the research though and where this is the case, the content draws on the expertise of incredibly well-respected ADHD experts from all over the world.

    Info is one thing, but the activities help you apply this info in a way that can make for meaningful change

    4. Support and a cheer squad

    Between calls you’ll share insights and progress with this your fabulous community of women* who get it. And you can also supplement your learning with a discounted rate for 1:1 ADHD Coaching sessions with Susie Hopkins as a gift to celebrate being part of Reboot. 

    If you answer a resounding YES to each of these questions, The Ultimate ADHD Reboot is for you. If not, it probably isn’t a great fit and we’d hate to waste your time. 😊

    1. Are you a woman or non-binary person who is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure ADHD doesn’t hold you back?

    2. Do you have an open heart and mind? Are you’re willing to examine your assumptions and biases and bring about some big shifts in your thinking and beliefs if that’s what real change takes?

    3. Are you accepting, or are you working towards being accepting of your ADHD diagnosis and the challenges that come with it?

    4. Can you happily commit to 2-2.5 hours a week for six weeks to the Reboot process? And do you have the bandwidth to do so right now? (I promise you’ll save so much time in the long run!)

    5. Do you think ADHD should be managed with medication if it is having a significant impairing impact on someone, seeing as it is the most effective evidence-based way to reduce ADHD symptoms?

    6. Are you comfortable with people who don’t see ADHD as a superpower and who see ADHD as a disability in many cases?

    Payment options incude:


    • A one-off payment $697 or
    • Two monthly instalments of $349.


    All prices are in Australian dollars.

    Doing the activities together on the calls is important for sharing and most of all, for accountability. So it is an expectation of Reboot that you’ll join us for all the calls, though of course we also understand that things crop up, so they will be recorded.

    If you can’t do the calls at the time specified, email and we’ll look to run Reboot at times that suit your time zone in the future.

    If you read the above section that outlines who Reboot is for and you answer yes to all the questions, I’m so confident that you’ll find Reboot helpful that I’ll happily refund the full amount you paid if you don’t.

    To access this money back guarantee it’s as simple as explaining how the Reboot experience differed from the info provided prior to getting underway in an email to before the third group call.   

    If you’d love to do The Ultimate ADHD Reboot  but your finances are holding you back, here are some options that might help.


    I get it, that times are tough, so, to make it more manageable, you can pay in 2 monthly instalments of $307 instead of in one lump sum.

    Reboot may be tax deductable 

    If your ADHD symptoms impact your work a lot, you may be able to claim Reboot as a tax deduction. I certainly can’t advise on these matters(!!) but I popped all the info you need about this in a blog post. It referes to coaching but the same principles apply, so check it outf if you’d like to know more.

    Better ADHD management and learning specific skills that help at work can make a massive difference in your career and as such, you may want to share this info with your accountant and get specific advice about this.

    Do Reboot as professional development 

    If you have a supportive workplace, consider whether they may invest in you doing Reboot as professional development. (Their investment will be worth it!)

    It may be tax dectible for your employer too so it might be worthwhile sharing the above blog post with them too. And here’s a template to help you approach them about it. Good luck!

    If it’s still out of reach, here are some other ways you can access great info and support from me.

    – Check out the Be Kind to your Mind  section of the Lilo Wellness website. It’s packed full of ADHD-related articles, bite-sized vids that have gone viral, and and a whole lot more.

    – Join the new (ish) community For Women* with ADHD who Refuse to be Held Back for support from me and others who get it!

    – Follow @lilowellness on Insta and Tiktok where I share heaps of educational material as well as some not so educational nonsense.

    Definitely! The Ultimate ADHD reboot is the perfect way to make sure that the gains you made during coaching are not lost. And you’ll be able to build on the gains you’ve made as there is so much to learn about ADHD and how it impacts you. 


    Unfortunately, having excellent ADHD management and great strategies in place are unlikely to happen for most of us in just eight weeks. It’s much more likely that you will need to develop strategies over a longer period of time before you can reliably experience more joy and ease in the longer term.


    This is particularly important when it comes to self-acceptance and some of the personal development related challenges we often need to address to live well with ADHD. But ongoing accoutnability in various forms is unbeatable for results and Reboot provides this and more. 

    This offer of two private ADHD Coaching sessions was made public on the Lilo Wellness website on the 31st of October. 

    At that time, all no-one had claimed any of the offers. Keep an eye on our social media channels, especially @lilowellness on Instagram for updates.

    If you’re successful, you’ll be contacted in the following 24-48 hours.

    If you’re still not sure, email with specific questions and she’ll do her best to answer them as soon as she can.


    Lilo acknowledges and is grateful to the traditional custodians of the land on which we live, work and play, the Boonwurang people of the Kulin Nation. We pay respect to their Elders, past, present and future.

    Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.