Treasured - Helping women in crisis feel valued this festive season

At Lilo, giving back to our community is a way of life. While self-care is so important to thrive, we believe that ‘community care’ or looking out for those who may need a hand and contributing to the greater good, is even more important.

Tragically, the festive season is the busiest time of year for domestic violence shelters in Australia.

Estranged from family and fleeing for their lives, often with children, survival is the women they shelter’s only priority. Festivities are a distant thought and while presents are often donated for kids, women are usually not so lucky.

We’re joining the amazing New Day Box who in partnership with Safe Steps make sure gifts get to women and not only children at Christmas time.

So get involved and gift hope to a woman who really needs it this festive season.

How to get involved

Give a special gift

So many of us have beautiful items of jewellery that we no longer wear. So why not go through yours and find one or more special pieces you would like to give to a courageous woman who is determined to break the cycle of violence in her family.

While the jewellery should definitely be beautiful, it is preferable that it’s not especially valuable. The women don’t need the responsibility of looking after anything other than themselves and sometimes their children at this time in their lives.

In fleeing their homes, they have usually left everything behind. So this small gesture from you can have a big impact by letting them know someone does care. Please make sure the jewellery you send is in excellent condition and sparkling clean.

We encourage you to send more than one gorgeous item if you want to, however please wrap them individually.


  1. Find one or more beautiful items of jewellery to donate.
  2. Wrap them beautifully or put them in beautiful envelopes, leaving one side of the wrapping undone or the envelopes open so we can make sure they’re the right fit.
  3. Send or drop off to:

Treasured C/o Engine House
105 Wellington St
St Kilda, VIC, 3182

By November the 18th

And please put a return to sender address on the back of the parcel so we have a record of who sent the gift/s.

Then let every woman you know about Treasured by sharing this page!

Stay in the loop.