Parent Support and Education Program

Be guided through a step-by-step process to help you meet your child's complex needs so they can reach their full potential. This service is claimable with NDIS core funds.

Would a knowledgeable sounding board be helpful in caring for your child?

Are you unsure of what therapies or specialists will meet your child's needs?

Do you need support to confidently manage your child's condition?

If the answer is yes you're in the right place.
This service combines the understanding you get from another parent of a child with special needs with extensive knowledge and experience working in paediatric nursing and research, a Master's of Public Health and of our complex health and disability systems.


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You will gain more understanding of:

How does it work?

Who is Susie Hopkins?

Susie is the founder of Lilo Wellness. She has a Master’s of Public Health, is a Registered Nurse and worked for many years at the Royal Children’s Hospital and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.


She’s also the sole parent of a little boy who is autistic and who has substantial support needs. She understands first-hand the reality of the challenges faced by parents and carers of kids with complex needs from the day-to day juggle to making decisions on specialists and therapy to navigating the NDIS (in Australia).


Susie is driven by the desire to support others to help their children meet their full potential and to create joyful homes for their families.


She understands that it’s not always easy and feels incredibly fortunate that her knowledge and experience is so helpful in navigating her son’s needs and the health and disability sectors so that he is thriving. She’d love to enable you to help your kids thrive too.

What people say about working with me

"Susie has changed my life. She has changed the way that I see my child - from someone to battle with and to fix, to someone to work with, and most importantly she has enabled me to help him thrive. What a gift." - Claire, Mum of Charlie

This service is perfect for you if you’re unsure how to meet your child’s complex needs and need support to find the answers you’re looking for.


Sessions are claimable through NDIS (here in Australia) if you self-manage or plan manage with core funds.


For the first session, a seven day money-back guarantee ensures you can book with confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you will need will differ from family to family depending on your circumstances. Using this service in an ongoing way initially, with weekly sessions for a few weeks may help as you determine your child's needs and a plan of action. Once you feel you are more on track, you can book appointments on a needs basis, perhaps one every three months to six months. 

Our aim is to make ourselves redundant for each client so that you can meet your child's needs independently in the longer-term, but we are always available for as many sessions as you need as a knowledgeable sounding board. 

When do the face-to-face sessions take place?

The sessions take place primarily during business hours but if this is not convenient, it may be possible to do sessions on weekends or in the evenings. 


When you book, if no appointment times are available that suit you, email to request an alternative appointment time.  

How much does this service cost?

This service costs $189 plus GST for a one hour session and a follow up email with a tailored plan of action and resources. NB: If you book four or more sessions the price is $179 per session. Email to organise this.

This price is lower than the 2021 NDIS recommended rate for Complex Support Coordination Services. Note that this role spans disability, health, practical day-to-day strategies and stress management.

A 7-day money-back guarantee enables you to invest in this service with confidence.