Our founder, Susie Hopkins, is passionate about translating complex research into practical, impactful tools for less stress and more wellbeing.


She has almost thirty years’ experience working as a Registered Nurse, a Masters of Public Health, many years as a health coach in the corporate sector and is a qualified mindfulness and yoga teacher.


Susie is the sole parent of her son Harry who has autism and likes to talk candidly about how we can live with stress by reframing it as well as reducing it. She is also an accidental writer that tackles wellbeing, stress management, mindfulness, neurodiversity and parenting special needs kids.


Everyone deserves to have less stress. So, if you are a registered charity or not-for-profit, let us know and where possible we will provide wellness solutions at a discounted rate or pro-bono.

What we do

We inspire and educate people to care deeply for themselves and one another. We do this by teaching people practical, simple ways to manage stress and develop more awareness. This empowers them to lift themselves to new heights taking others with them, maximising impact for the collective good.

We are driven by


A commitment to positively influencing the wellbeing of those who care for others and disabled children by providing support and education.


Extensive knowledge as well as work and lived experience of childhood disability and parent and carer mental health and wellbeing.


Giving with empathy and compassion by supporting people and projects that elevate others and care for the natural environment.


When we care deeply for ourselves we have what it takes to care for others positively impacting everyone’s wellbeing and providing joy.

Questions? We'd love to chat.