Evidence-based stress management, driving teams to achieve excellence.

High-stress workplaces cost Australian businesses nearly $15 billion a year. This free 30-minute evidence-based stress management session is the perfect opportunity to begin to make sure your business is not part of that figure.


Help your people develop psychological resilience to ensure that you all want to give your best each day and great talent wants in and stays put.

Susie Hopkins, Lilo’s founder, is a registered nurse, has a Masters of Public Health and is a trained mindfulness and yoga teacher. She has been helping people manage stress for almost a decade.


All of Lilo’s facilitators have a tertiary health qualification and substantial experience teaching mindfulness and other stress management strategies in a range of corporate settings.

An ability to think outside the box and meet any challenge with confidence and ingenuity IS within reach. Amazing results across the board follow when you understand and apply evidence-based stress management strategies.


So if you want happier, high performing staff who gladly come to work every day to give their best request a callback below.

Our Calm Clients

Something about the way it was explained, the gentle humility in the guidance and the down to earth way mindfulness was presented, made it click for me. Thanks Lilo!


Marie McLeod, Director, Popsy

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