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Our founder, Susie Hopkins, is an expert in stress management. She has almost thirty years’ experience working in health and wellbeing – as a registered nurse, with a Masters of Public Health, many years as a registered nurse health coach in the corporate sector, and as a qualified mindfulness and yoga teacher.

Her scientifically-based background means that all Lilo does is driven by high-quality research findings. In this spirit, we endeavour to translate complex research into practical, impactful strategies so that you can become really familiar with the feeling of “I’ve got this” at work and beyond.

We believe everyone deserves to have less stress, so if you are a registered charity or not-for-profit, be sure to let us know and where possible we will provide wellness solutions at a discounted rate or pro-bono.

We look forward to helping you be less stressed soon!

Every setting is different, get in touch to build a meaningful package for you and your people today.

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